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August 2018 Archives

Possible tax consequences of divorce

Even a relatively straightforward divorce in Rockford, Illinois, can raise important tax questions. Incidentally, depending on the circumstances, these same issues can affect unmarried couples and those choosing to remain married but live in separate households.

A defense when restricted visits are threatened

Even if they know that their behavior has not been perfect, one of the last things that a parent wants to hear is a threat that they could have their parenting time restricted. The thought of supervised visits can conjure up images of sitting in an office with one's child and an unfriendly professional who is just watching.

Under what circumstances can parenting time be restricted?

A previous post on this blog discussed some of the reasons why a Rockford, Illinois, court might restrict a parent's responsibilities to make decisions for his or her child or even limit or restrict that parent's time with the child. However, although the reasons mentioned in that post would certainly be concerning, it is important to remember that judges cannot restrict parenting time for any reason.

3 reasons why visitation may be restricted

Being a parent is hard work. It is often even harder if someone is navigating the process of parenting during or after a divorce. Parents want to be in their child's life to the greatest extent possible, but sometimes this is made difficult by custody arrangements and other factors. If a judge has restricted visitation rights, for example, a parent will likely have a difficult time parenting and bonding with the child.

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