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What is the best interests of the child standard?

Even people in the Rockford area who have never been involved in a custody dispute themselves may have heard that courts will allocate parental responsibilities, that is, decide custody and visitation, based on what the courts believes are the best interests of the children involved.

How can I force my ex to pay support when their business is bad?

It is sad, but there are a lot of parents in the Rockford area who just do not see paying child support as a top priority. Sometimes, the decision is a malicious one. In such cases, the law fortunately gives victims lots of tools to compel payment.

Review of the stepparent adoption process

There are many children in the Rockford, Illinois, area who live with one of their biological parents and a stepparent. When the other biological parent is capable and involved in the child's life, then a stepparent must remain content to be the best role model for the child that they can be. In some cases, though, a child may have a non-existent or very weak relationship with their natural mother or father, in which case the stepparent may wish to adopt the child.

How joint custody benefits you and your children

As you and your spouse continue to think about the possibility of obtaining an Illinois divorce, your children’s post-divorce welfare and happiness likely is at the top of each of your minds. Neither of you wants to hurt your children any more than they have to be by the breakup of their home, and both of you want to remain a constant, critical part of their lives. The last thing either of you likely wants is to become a stereotypical “Disneyland dad” – or mom – who sees his or her kids only on alternating weekends.

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