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How can I force my ex to pay support when their business is bad?

It is sad, but there are a lot of parents in the Rockford area who just do not see paying child support as a top priority. Sometimes, the decision is a malicious one. In such cases, the law fortunately gives victims lots of tools to compel payment.

Although it is no less serious, some parents fall behind in child support because there are other financial issues that come up or there are just more important bills to pay. A self-employed parent can easily fall into this trap. Perhaps they do not manage their money well, or maybe their business has taken an unexpected downturn, leaving them unable to cover all expenses.

In the latter case, it can be a lot easier to cover the needs one does see rather than pay for a child who is not in the parent's home and is doing just fine with the help of the other parent. Whether it is being used as a ruse or an excuse for non-payment, courts in Illinois have the authority to put limits on the right of a person to engage in self-employment when that means they can't pay child support.

In addition to other orders, courts can, for instance, require a self-employed individual to look for and take on a job that comes with a regular paycheck that can be garnished for child support purposes. A court can also order a periodic inspection of the parent's books so that the court and the other parent can be sure that the parent who claims to be short on cash is really doing everything they can to pay.

If you need help receiving support from your child's other parent, it may be wise to contact an attorney.

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