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A warning about alimony change

This blog has previously discussed a change in how the federal tax code will treat alimony payments. Specifically, alimony will not be tax deductible for those who pay if the divorce order or agreement is executed after the end of this year.

The difference between collaborative law and mediation

As previous posts have explained, there is a trend right now to encourage parents to resolve divorces, child custody disputes and other family law matters outside a formal court hearing. While this does not work for all cases, many have found that resolving family law problems in this manner, as opposed to duking it out in court not only saves both parents a lot of time, money and emotional stress, it also helps the children deal with what may be an already traumatic time in their lives.

What exactly is an offshore account?

In high asset divorces, it is quite possible that one of the parties will own an offshore account. It may, therefore, be helpful for Rockford, Illinois, residents to understand exactly what an offshore account is, and when it might matter in a divorce or legal separation case.

3 child support tips for fathers

If you are a father facing a divorce, you likely have a whirlwind of questions that need answers. The shock and disruption of moving out of the family home and possibly not being able to see your child or children as regularly as you wish can bring an overwhelming burden of stress and anxiety.

Top 3 Divorce Lawyers in Rockford

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