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3 child support tips for fathers

If you are a father facing a divorce, you likely have a whirlwind of questions that need answers. The shock and disruption of moving out of the family home and possibly not being able to see your child or children as regularly as you wish can bring an overwhelming burden of stress and anxiety.

When you add the financial requirements of a divorce and child support payments to the emotional pressure of the situation, it can be difficult to keep moving forward in an objective and strategic way. In terms of a father paying child support, here are some tips to help you along as you navigate the challenging terrain of a divorce proceeding:

1. Do not involve your children in discussions

While this tip may seem self-evident, as it is not a good idea to bring your children into personal and financial matters surrounding your divorce, the reality is that many fathers do involve their kids in their stress regarding child support payments. You should avoid talking about child support payments and issues surrounding support with or in front of your children. Divorce is stressful enough for your kids without them having to shoulder the additional burden of worry about financial matters.

2. Always pay on time

Once you have a court-ordered child support payment in place or a divorce agreement that stipulates the amount you must pay each month, ensure that you do not fall behind on your payments. If you neglect to pay or are constantly late in paying, it can devolve into more serious financial hardships for you, including wage garnishment. If you have a change in circumstances that prevents you from making your monthly child support payment, speak to your family law attorney or the court so that you can seek a child support modification or temporary solution.

3. Do not make handshake/verbal modifications or agreements

It is important for you to follow your court-ordered agreement or settlement. Do not fall into the temptation of making verbal agreements regarding child support, because those agreements are not legally enforceable. In addition, if your informal agreement goes against your court-ordered agreement, you could be violating its terms and end up in legal trouble.

While the divorce process is stressful, and child support places an important financial responsibility on your shoulders, it is important for you to follow all court orders. Prompt payment, keeping your kids out of it, and avoiding informal agreements are all steps that help you to maintain peace with your ex-spouse and continue to co-parent in a productive and healthy way.


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