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We work hard to get all the details right

A previous post on this blog talked about why a QDRO, or qualified domestic relations order, is so important to so many Rockford-area couples who may be going through a divorce or legal separation. As that post mentioned, a lawyer who is preparing a QDRO faces a critically important task. Even if all sides are in agreement, the details of this court order can make or break a person financially and, to some extent legally. Not drafting the order as the parties intended can spell delays and, at worst, the loss of money.

What does the acronym QDRO mean?

When discussing divorce or family law, a Rockford, Illinois, resident may hear the acronym QDRO mentioned. The phrase stands for qualified domestic relations order, which is a document that can be very important not only in high asset divorces, but also in family law matters where spouses are of much more limited means.

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