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Add-ons to a parent's child support obligation

A previous post here discussed how a Rockford, Illinois, parent can, often with the help of a family lawyer, ask a court to order the child's other parent to help with uninsured medical expenses. This is so even if the other parent is already paying child support under a court order.

The number of unmarried couples continues to rise

It might not come as a huge surprise to Rockford, Illinois, residents, but statistics do confirm that the number of unmarried couples who are living together continues to rise across the country. According to the Pew Research Center, while the number of people getting married is trending downward, more people are instead choosing to cohabitate while foregoing marriage.

Must Illinois courts strictly apply the Child Support Guidelines?

Generally speaking, Illinois courts must follow the Child Support Guidelines, which are established under the laws of this state, when ordering a parent in Rockford to pay child support. What this means is that the court must determine what numbers to enter into the child support formula prescribed under the Guidelines. However, once it has done so and has made a support calculation using the formula, the parents generally must take the result as they find it. In other words, if the formula says a parent owes $200 a week, then that parent owes $200 a week, even if the parent feels that amount is going to be hard to afford.

Parental responsibilities and choice of religion

One of the most sensitive and hard to talk about areas in a Rockford resident's life is religion or, for that matter, lack thereof. When it comes to the ultimate questions, people have very strong views, and parents typically raise their children to espouse their own views on such matters.

What to include in a parenting plan

Determining who gets the children and when is a core part of the divorce process. The name for this used to be child custody, but state law now refers to it as the allocation of parental responsibilities. The point of the change was to eliminate a win-lose feeling and remind parents that both of them are important to the well-being of children and are responsible for their care no matter who has the children more often.

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