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Does a higher income contribute to divorce?

When a couple marries, it is with the hope that they will grow their relationship – and their nest egg – together. Both people want to succeed in their respective careers, and doing so over the subsequent years is satisfying providing anything and everything they wanted.

One side effect of financial success is the toll it can take on the marriage. No one thinks it can happen, but studies show that the higher the income, the more likely a couple is to divorce. What are the contributing factors to this stat?

Money issues in general

By the time a couple gets to divorce court, the issues leading them there may have faded. However, one of the significant issues was likely money. It has held the top spot for marital rifts for many years, and it does not look like it will go away anytime soon. The fighting is not just due to not having enough money. On the contrary, couples with more than adequate income and assets do just as much fighting, if not more, than those who have nothing.

Differing views about money

Couples who tend to stress about cash typically claim that it is due to contrary viewpoints. Marriages may face many ups and downs through time, and if partners do not see eye to eye, stress and doubt enter the picture. High-income marriages tend to feel the pressure to maintain a particular lifestyle either for the benefit of their business or for social reasons. This kind of stress may lead to mismanagement of money to keep up appearances. When this happens due to the actions of one spouse over the other's objections, it can lead to resentment and distance.

Having more money does not necessarily pave the marital road with gold. Higher asset marriages may lead to high asset divorce.

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