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3 overlooked things you should do after filing for divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Illinois lawmakers want to alleviate some of the burden by making it easier for women who took their husbands' last names to revert to their maiden names. The new law would make it so that women do not have to publish a notice of the name change in the local newspaper. 

All about child support modifications

Your child support decision may have been enacted for a short or long time when it seems like something isn't quite right. Maybe your child isn't getting enough financial support based on a new sport or activity they are into or maybe their health has required extra medical care lately. Maybe a parent was laid off unexpectedly from their job and anticipate making less in the future. Whatever the circumstance a child support modification may be an appropriate course of action.

Family law issues may come up with parent substance abuse issues

The drug problem in America is real and it affects many people and families. Substance abuse issues can come in many forms, involving both street drugs and prescription pills, and can have lasting impacts on a person's health and their family dynamic. Sadly, sometimes parents can be unfit to care for their children if they are suffering under the weight of drug addiction. Loved ones, like grandparents, may wonder if there is something they can do to help their grandchildren.

Bezos divorce finalized -- most assets in a divorce ever?

By now many of our readers in Illinois have probably heard about the pending divorce case involving Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man. Bezos and his wife, who were married for 25 years, initiated their divorce case earlier this year, with many people ending up stunned that the world's richest man did not have a prenuptial agreement in place. However, as many reports pointed out, Bezos and his wife got married well before Bezos made his enormous fortune, mostly from his ownership stake in the online marketplace behemoth Amazon.

What to expect in the timeline of a divorce case

Many people in Illinois who are facing a marriage that is "on the rocks" may be contemplating a move to file for divorce. People in this type of situation usually have quite a few questions about what will occur in a divorce case, if they decide to go through with it. It is important to understand the timeline of events in a divorce case.

Minimizing the impact divorce has on children

Divorcing your spouse typically impacts your entire family, and this tends to hold true, regardless of the reason for the breakdown of the marriage. For children, divorce often means new homes, new custody arrangements, and, in some cases, new schools. Adjusting to all these changes can place a strain on even the most emotionally stable of children.

Top 3 Divorce Lawyers in Rockford

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