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What to do if you suspect a spouse has hidden money

Getting a divorce is one of the most emotionally tumultuous and financially risky live events a person can endure. USA Today recently ran an article detailing how people going through a divorce can increase their chances of coming out on the other side okay. Some of these tips include creating a post-divorce budget and dealing with debts promptly. 

Unmarried couples, cohabitation and family law issues

Many couples today have made the choice to opt out of marriage. They still function like a married couple in many ways, but have never signed an official marriage document. This is a personal decision, and no doubt many of the couples involved have their reasons. However, it's important to remember that there are legal protections that come only with marriage.

Property division portion of divorce often brings questions

Making the decision to divorce isn't one that any married couple takes lightly. It came after much self-reflection and often after having several conversations with your spouse and leaning on friends and family for support. One portion of the divorce process that can bring the stress level up is the portion surrounding property division. This is mostly because people don't know what will happen with property division and the unknown can be stressful.

Child support enforcement can be enforced

When it comes to co-parenting from separate households, any parent will tell you that it isn't always easy. However, it can be possible for you and your child's parent to get into a rhythm in which is makes it easier for everyone, including the child. However, if a parent is failing to uphold their end of the deal in terms of what's required of them in terms of child support, enforcement may be necessary.

Parents engage in child custody scandal for college scholarships

It seems some parents have been manipulating the child custody system in hopes of getting college scholarships for their children. In the Chicago area, dozens of parents are accused of intentionally changing a child's legal custody status in hopes of getting financial aid from otherwise expensive universities. Stories similar to this broke in the Bay Area earlier this year when an actress was accused of a similar style of act.

Top 3 Divorce Lawyers in Rockford

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