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Celebrity parents exemplify successful co-parenting

Not much goes unseen from the public eye for an A-list celebrity. This, of course, includes marriages, break-ups, births and everything in-between. However, what may surprise some Illinoisans is that many celebrities should be praised for how well they are co-parenting after splitting with their child's parent. J-Lo and A-Rod, also known as Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, share a child and are co-parenting children from different relationships.

4 divorce tips for parents of teenagers

Divorce is not easy under any circumstance. It is especially complex with children. In addition to figuring out custody and child support, you have to handle telling your children about the divorce and helping them adjust to the changes.

Differences between fixed and reasonable visitation plans

If one has gone through a divorce, or have always been separate from their child's parent, it is possible that their parenting rights have been downgraded or maybe they were never fully established. When a parent builds up to achieving custody, they may have to pass other benchmarks in the child custody process. One of those benchmarks may be achieving visitation rights.

Why is joint custody an attractive outcome for child custody?

Thinking about your children, you only want the best for them. That is true in all things, but especially their child custody arrangement. When a family decides to get a divorce, it can mean a lot of changes for the children involved. However, there are ways to amicably transition into this new phase in all of your lives. Often, joint custody, is a means in which parents and families transition into new lifestyles after a divorce.

You may be wondering if relocation is possible with child custody

When you become a parent, many will agree that the decisions you used to make would focus mostly on yourself. Now, as a parent, your decisions often largely focus on the best interests of your child. This is true for both single parents are those who are together. However, when it comes to child custody arrangement, you may be wondering if it holds you back from relocating.

Midwest man who won lottery must split winnings in divorce

Can you imagine playing the lotto and actually winning a top prize? Many can, and that's the draw that state and national lotteries have across the country. Although the odds may be against you, there are grand prize winners, fairly frequently. A Midwest man recently bought a ticket to a state lottery and won over $30 million.

Top 3 Divorce Lawyers in Rockford

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