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Mistakes people make with stepparent adoption

Stepparent adoption can be a great move in many cases. It legalizes the relationship between a parent and a child, and legalization can be especially critical when it comes to estate planning and determining heirs. It also ensures that the child is in good hands should something happen to the other parent.

Cherokee Custody Battle Involves 3 Different Courts

Over the past few months, the custody battle over Baby Veronica has captured the nation's attention in the news. Veronica, was raised for the first two years of her life by Matt and Melanie Capobianco. When the Capobianco's tried to adopt Veronica, biological father, Dusten Brown, intervened. The custody of Veronica is now being disputed in the South Carolina courts, the Oklahoma courts, and the Cherokee Nation Tribal Court.

Stepparent adoption: sometimes the best interest of your children

While the relationship between a child and his or her biological parents is invaluable, there are unfortunate situations where such a relationship may not always be in the best interest of the child. In the event of a delinquent, uninvolved, or unfit parent, it is possible for a biological parent's rights to be terminated, and parental rights to be awarded to a stepparent. The willingness of a stepparent to fulfill the role of a legal parent is an honorable quality, and stepparent adoption may be in the best interest of your child, but before the new spouse can legally adopt him/her, a few legal requirements must be met.

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