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Bitcoin: an electronic way to hide assets during a divorce

If you are going through an Illinois divorce and strongly suspect that your spouse is hiding assets from you so as to skew your property settlement, here is a question for you. Have you heard about Bitcoin? If your answer is no, as in all likelihood it is, you should find out more about this most popular of the cryptocurrencies.

Mistakes people make with stepparent adoption

Stepparent adoption can be a great move in many cases. It legalizes the relationship between a parent and a child, and legalization can be especially critical when it comes to estate planning and determining heirs. It also ensures that the child is in good hands should something happen to the other parent.

What can I do if I am not ready for divorce?

If your spouse serves you with divorce papers, you might feel surprised or shocked. You have been married for several years and have always managed to make it through the rocky times together. You know things have not been perfect in your relationship and thought you were making progress in moving past them. Divorce is an unpleasant reality for many people in the Rockford area. It can also lead to much confusion and conflict when there are high-value assets involved. 

2 times to alter a prenup after marriage

Prenuptial agreements have become increasingly popular among newly married couples. In particular, Millennials appear to realize the importance of such an agreement before following through with marriage. Time Magazine reports that a majority of attorneys have seen an increase in the number of people asking about acquiring a prenup. 

Learning the signs of financial deception

When a divorce is in the works, sorting out financial issues can out a lot of stress on both parties. Sometimes, one of the spouses may feel tempted to hide assets in order to gain the advantage when it comes to division, or even simply out of spite.

3 common post-divorce situation you may encounter

If you are getting ready to file for divorce after many long years of marriage, you may not realize how it can impact your life. Sure, you may look forward to finally being legally single and not having to leave or care for your partner, but decisions made in haste often become items on a list of regrets. 

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