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The family law process helps guide parents through child custody

The divorce process can be stressful and can have a big impact on families, which is why it is imperative to keep the focus on the children and their best interests. The child custody process is designed to allocate responsibilities between the parents based on what is in the best interests of the child.

Celebrity parents exemplify successful co-parenting

Not much goes unseen from the public eye for an A-list celebrity. This, of course, includes marriages, break-ups, births and everything in-between. However, what may surprise some Illinoisans is that many celebrities should be praised for how well they are co-parenting after splitting with their child's parent. J-Lo and A-Rod, also known as Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, share a child and are co-parenting children from different relationships.

Why is joint custody an attractive outcome for child custody?

Thinking about your children, you only want the best for them. That is true in all things, but especially their child custody arrangement. When a family decides to get a divorce, it can mean a lot of changes for the children involved. However, there are ways to amicably transition into this new phase in all of your lives. Often, joint custody, is a means in which parents and families transition into new lifestyles after a divorce.

You may be wondering if relocation is possible with child custody

When you become a parent, many will agree that the decisions you used to make would focus mostly on yourself. Now, as a parent, your decisions often largely focus on the best interests of your child. This is true for both single parents are those who are together. However, when it comes to child custody arrangement, you may be wondering if it holds you back from relocating.

Parents engage in child custody scandal for college scholarships

It seems some parents have been manipulating the child custody system in hopes of getting college scholarships for their children. In the Chicago area, dozens of parents are accused of intentionally changing a child's legal custody status in hopes of getting financial aid from otherwise expensive universities. Stories similar to this broke in the Bay Area earlier this year when an actress was accused of a similar style of act.

Review of parental relocation laws in Illinois

Many people in Rockford and throughout Illinois may need to move over the summer. Parents, whether married or not, may need to move their families for a number of reasons. For instance, a parent may have a better job opportunity or may need to move to be closer to other relatives. In some instances, a parent may even want to relocate to get out of an abusive situation.

Parental responsibilities and choice of religion

One of the most sensitive and hard to talk about areas in a Rockford resident's life is religion or, for that matter, lack thereof. When it comes to the ultimate questions, people have very strong views, and parents typically raise their children to espouse their own views on such matters.

When can a teen choose which parent to live with?

A previous post on this blog talked about how parents in Rockford can manage to co-parent their older children, particularly their teenagers. Even when parents are getting along, allocating parental responsibilities in these situations can be particularly tricky for several reasons. For one, teenagers, more so than younger children, often have a life of their own, including activities, jobs and social occasions they prefer not to miss. Moreover, a teen may have a strong opinion about how much time he or she wants with each parent.

How does holiday parenting time work?

With Thanksgiving just past, many Rockford, Illinois, parents are probably busily making preparations for the Christmas season. Whether they observe Christmas as a religious holiday, commemorate another holiday from their own faith during this time or just take the season as an opportunity to have fun and be close to loved ones, parents usually look forward to their children being out of school.

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