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What are an unmarried father's rights in a child custody case?

If you're a Rockford man who has fathered a child and you are not married to the mother, you may have questions about what your rights and responsibilities will be towards that child. This is especially true if your relationship with the mother comes to an end and you are concerned that you need to exercise your legal rights. Can unmarried fathers fight for child custody or visitation?

Bill seeks to equalize parents in child custody hearings

Some Rockford fathers may have a particular fear when heading into a hearing regarding the custody of one or more of their children. That fear is that a judge will automatically assume that the children should stay with their mother, leaving the father with sometimes meager visitation rights or the burden of proof as to why he should have anything greater. This fear is not without a basis in history.

Grandparents' rights increasingly important in opioid crisis

The opioid crisis in America is, thankfully, receiving more and more attention in the media. It was recently declared a public health emergency by the President. As more young parents struggling with addiction end up in prison, in treatment, or dead, the responsibility of raising their children is increasingly falling on the grandparents.

How shared parenting can help children and parents

While mothers still tend to get custody of their children in over 80 percent of divorce court rulings, Illinois parents who are ending their marriage could consider another alternative. Research increasingly supports the idea that shared parenting is better for children, and it is the norm in some countries such as Sweden. Some states have passed laws that encourage this kind of joint custody while others are considering doing so.

Coparenting and consistent rules between households

When Illinois parents of young children end their marriage, they need to create consistent rules between their households. Children need this degree of stability after the upheaval of a divorce. Before sitting down to discuss these rules, parents should think about what they are willing to compromise on and what rules they can be flexible about. Older children may want to join this meeting and give some input into what the rules should be.

Avoiding a toxic relationship with an ex after a divorce

When Illinois parents of young children divorce, they must continue to work with each other in order to help raise their children. Co-parenting may be more difficult when one spouse is toxic in his or her dealings with the other parent. There are several things that parents can do to help their children and themselves when this is the case.

Joint custody increasingly preferred in family court

Illinois fathers of young children often dread divorce for many reasons. One is the fear that they may lose custody over and access to their children. There is a reason why so many unhappy marriages have stayed together ostensibly for the sake of the children, after all. However, there is an increasing preference by child development experts and even family courts for shared parenting and joint custody.

When it is necessary to get custody of a brother or sister

When a person in Illinois decides it is necessary to get custody of a sibling, there may be several obstacles in place. One will be proving to a court that the child is experiencing abuse or neglect and should be removed from the biological parents. Another will be convincing the court that a brother or sister is the best placement for the child. The person must demonstrate an ability to care for the child in a stable environment.

What to know about nesting

Illinois parents of minor children may have heard of a concept called nesting. In this type of an arrangement, divorced parents take turns living in the marital home. This allows the child to stay in a familiar environment while being able to spend time with both parents after they have divorced. In most cases, parents will rent a home or apartment to occupy when they are not living with the child.

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