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How does child support work if I am seasonally employed?

Many people in the Rockford area have what is often called seasonal employment. For instance, during these months of summer, construction workers, landscapers, and people who work on air conditioners may put in 60 to 80 hour weeks and thus get huge paychecks in the short term.

Review: Figuring income when a parent is self-employed

Many parents in Rockford earn their living through self-employment. Whether they draw income through an established business as a shareholder or partner or whether they have set up shop for themselves, these parents are blessed enough to act as their own bosses and still have the ability to provide for themselves and their families.

Rental properties also raise child support issues

A previous post here discussed how those who own rental properties can face complicated property division issues in the event of a divorce or separation. Rockford residents who own rental properties, whether they are going through a divorce or have never been married, should also be aware that their income from these properties may affect child support calculations.

Add-ons to a parent's child support obligation

A previous post here discussed how a Rockford, Illinois, parent can, often with the help of a family lawyer, ask a court to order the child's other parent to help with uninsured medical expenses. This is so even if the other parent is already paying child support under a court order.

Must Illinois courts strictly apply the Child Support Guidelines?

Generally speaking, Illinois courts must follow the Child Support Guidelines, which are established under the laws of this state, when ordering a parent in Rockford to pay child support. What this means is that the court must determine what numbers to enter into the child support formula prescribed under the Guidelines. However, once it has done so and has made a support calculation using the formula, the parents generally must take the result as they find it. In other words, if the formula says a parent owes $200 a week, then that parent owes $200 a week, even if the parent feels that amount is going to be hard to afford.

Review of when child support ends in Illinois

As our website has discussed, a parent's child support obligation does not last forever. When one thinks about it, this makes sense since a child who lives with both of his parents in Rockford will eventually be expected to make his own way in life and pay for his own needs.

How will my second job figure in to child support?

Even couples who live together and raise their children under the same roof may find themselves in a situation where one or both of them will need to pick up some extra hours, or even take on a second side job in order to make ends meet. When it comes to a divorce or separation, a parent may even feel additional financial pressure to take on more work since a split, by necessity, is going to mean that the parent has to pay additional bills without counting on the income or resources of the other parent. One of these bills will likely be child support.

How can I force my ex to pay support when their business is bad?

It is sad, but there are a lot of parents in the Rockford area who just do not see paying child support as a top priority. Sometimes, the decision is a malicious one. In such cases, the law fortunately gives victims lots of tools to compel payment.

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