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Review of when child support ends in Illinois

As our website has discussed, a parent's child support obligation does not last forever. When one thinks about it, this makes sense since a child who lives with both of his parents in Rockford will eventually be expected to make his own way in life and pay for his own needs.

How will my second job figure in to child support?

Even couples who live together and raise their children under the same roof may find themselves in a situation where one or both of them will need to pick up some extra hours, or even take on a second side job in order to make ends meet. When it comes to a divorce or separation, a parent may even feel additional financial pressure to take on more work since a split, by necessity, is going to mean that the parent has to pay additional bills without counting on the income or resources of the other parent. One of these bills will likely be child support.

How can I force my ex to pay support when their business is bad?

It is sad, but there are a lot of parents in the Rockford area who just do not see paying child support as a top priority. Sometimes, the decision is a malicious one. In such cases, the law fortunately gives victims lots of tools to compel payment.

Representing parents who are fighting enforcement actions

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, there are a variety of means by which a parent in Rockford who is not getting paid child support as owed can force the other parent to pay their debt. From financial methods like charging interest or having a wage withholding in place, to more serious penalties like license suspensions and even jail time, the law in Illinois allows for a variety of means to get parents to support their children.

Advocating for clients in child support income disputes

A previous post here talked about how child support disputes can emerge when one parent is not earning an income. Usually, the other parent will not be able to help but feel a bit jealous and annoyed, since a parent who does not make income does not have to pay as much child support. On the other hand, the other parent may feel he is doing his absolute best to pay support and shouldn't be held responsible for not being able to find a job despite efforts to do so.

Child support when the other parent isn't making money

Many single parents in Rockford, Illinois, who have responsibility for their children most of the time likely feel strongly that they should have help from the child's other parent in the form of child support. However, because the amount of child support a person must pay depends heavily on that person's income, it can be difficult to collect support from the other parent if he or she is not gainfully employed or running his or her own business.

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