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Co-parenting classes: their importance in divorces with children

When couples divorce, staying as far away from each other is often an (unrealistic) expectation that each tends to have. This may be a healthy option for many couples. However, when there are children involved, this idea is nearly impossible. According to local ordinance, co-parenting classes are required to be taken by all divorcing couples with children under the age of 18. In Winnebago County specifically, parents are ordered to attend P.A.C.T. classes with Rockford family counselor Eileen McCarten. P.A.C.T. (Parents And Children Together) is a four hour class taken by both parents in which they learn the effects of divorce on children, and also how to help children cope with this life change. The conflict that inevitably arises as a result of a divorce has many direct and indirect effects on children, and the following provide just a few reasons why P.A.C.T. classes should be taken.

Co-Parenting: When Religion is a Factor in Your Divorce

Co-parenting when religion is a factor is always a delicate issue. Whether you and your ex both practice two different religions, or whether only one of you is religious at all, deciding how to raise your child together can be a controversial matter. In situations where religion is involved, respecting your ex's wishes regarding how to raise your child is a necessary component to your co-parenting agreement. While the issue of religion may not be important to you or your ex during the younger stages of your child's life, as the child grows older religion may begin to become more and more important to you and your child. The following describe a few recommendations for those whose co-parenting situation involves a difference of religion.

Divorce and Communication With Your Ex - A Necessity

While many divorcing couples view their divorce as an opportunity to begin an exciting new life, severing all ties with their ex, realistically these expectations for complete alienation of one's ex are almost never recommended when children are involved in the divorce. After your divorce has been finalized and you begin life as a newly single parent, keep in mind that you and your ex will always share the one thing that you both value more than anything-your children. You will remain co-parents for life, and until your children reach adulthood, you will both be legally responsible for their well-being. To successfully co-parent with the least amount of conflict possible, it is always recommended that the lines of communication remain open between you and your ex. The following describe a few reasons why communication with your ex will be in your best interest.

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