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Safe Haven in Winnebago County to open soon: Free supervised visitation for parents who are victims of domestic violence

In some child custody cases, visitation with a parent is required to be supervised. Supervised visitation requires that a third party be present during a parent's time with his/her children. This extra supervision may be ordered when unsupervised contact would seriously endanger the mental or physical well-being of the child. Another instance where supervision may be required is when the visiting parent has had little or no previous contact with the child. In both situations, the key reason for the supervision is to provide safe contact between the parent and the child.

My Ex is an Alcoholic. How Do I Restrict Visitation?

Your ex comes home nearly every night drunk. When you were married and still living together, it wasn't much of a problem concerning the welfare of your child, since you were there to supervise the situation. Now that you are separated, you're concerned about the kids being alone with your ex. How can your divorce attorney help you? Here are a few things you may need to know:

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