Jul 19, 2017 | Divorce


Some Illinois couples who are in the military might be more likely to get a divorce than people in other professions. Some of the stresses that a military career might involve include time away from one another, frequent moves and psychological stress. Among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, 20 percent report depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Zippia, a career website, ranked divorce rates by the age of 30 according to profession based on data from the census bureau. It found the highest rates among first-line enlisted military supervisors. Other professions with higher divorce rates included automotive service technicians, logisticians and mechanics. However, two more military positions, air weapons and tactical operations, were included in the top 10. Furthermore, people with military jobs overall were more likely to be divorced by the age of 30 compared to people in other professions. Dentists and speech language pathologists were among the professions with the lowest divorce rates.

In 1980, the divorce rate in the United States reached its highest point. While it has since declined significantly, baby boomers are still divorcing at a high rate. A decreasing stigma around divorce and longer lifespans are both factors in the rise of more than 100 percent since 1990. However, older adults, and women in particular, might be more financially vulnerable after a divorce.

It may be possible to take steps to protect against this vulnerability in a divorce. For example, a person who has made far less than the other spouse or who has not worked outside the home at all may be eligible for spousal support. If the couple decides to negotiate property division instead of going to court, people should ensure that they are making good financial choices. For example, a person who keeps the family home may struggle to pay the mortgage alone.