Preparing for a Divorce in the New Year

January Typically Sees an Uptick in Divorce Filings and Inquiries The month of January typically comes with a 30 percent increase in divorce filings. Why is this the case? The combination of aiming to avoid the divorce process during the holiday season and an intent to start fresh during the new...

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Co-Parenting During a Pandemic 101

Co-parenting is tough enough. When you tack on the existence of the COVID-19 pandemic, communication and decision-making become even more challenging feats. It is paramount you inform yourself on how to maneuver these tough times alongside your co-parent, in a way that protects the health of you...

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What impact has Covid-19 had on United States divorce rates?

The coronavirus pandemic has proved a stressor on many facets of life, with marriages nationwide being no exception. According to a report by Legal Templates, March to June saw a 34 percent uptick in the number of individuals seeking divorce. The report states, “Thirty-one percent of the couples...

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