Sep 26, 2019 | Child Custody


Not much goes unseen from the public eye for an A-list celebrity. This, of course, includes marriages, break-ups, births and everything in-between. However, what may surprise some Illinoisans is that many celebrities should be praised for how well they are co-parenting after splitting with their child’s parent. J-Lo and A-Rod, also known as Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, share a child and are co-parenting children from different relationships.

Beyond that, J-Lo also shares a child with ex, Marc Anthony. She took a stand on co-parenting and child custody as she believes that, “it’s her responsibility,” to let her kids know that their dad loves them, even if he is not with them all the time. A-Rod has four children in total, all of which attend different schools this year. After school orientation this fall he said, “his head was spinning,” which is fair, considering everything on his schedule with school starting for four children in four different schools.

The point is that he was doing everything he could to be present and supportive for all of his children. That is what great parenting is about, so it is no surprise that great co-parenting has a lot of the same characteristics. Being amicable with a child’s parent can help bring a great experience to children whose parents are no longer together.

It is in the best interests of the child to do everything one can to ensure that the child is having a good experience. It is not recommended anymore to “stay together for the kids.” So, this should give parents hope that things can be good after splitting up with the child’s other parent. There are always goals to work towards in being a better parent.