Jul 6, 2017 | Child Custody


Child custody can be a concern for Illinois families in a wide array of situations. While many think of it as a divorce issue, in fact, questions can arise for a number of reasons unique to a particular family.

Amid growing concern and fear about detention and deportation, a number of legal clinics and volunteer lawyers have been working with undocumented people to draw up child custody paperwork in case they face detention or deportation. Many undocumented parents have children who are U.S. citizens and have lived all their lives in the United States. Immigrants fearing deportation are often concerned that their children could be thrown into the foster care system or taken by social services in case of their detention or deportation. These volunteer legal workers are helping them to instead prepare paperwork that gives custody to family members and friends with the right to stay in the United States in case of anything happening to the parents.

While some parents plan to send for their children if they are re-established in their home country, others want their children to continue to live as they always have, in their communities in the United States. Many undocumented families have steered clear of establishing such paperwork precisely because they are afraid of drawing attention to their situation. These legal clinics provide a safe means of support for people in a tough situation.

From parental deaths or incarceration to a divorce or separation, child custody issues can arise in an array of circumstances. A family law attorney can help families to sort out issues and concerns about custody and provide confidential legal advice regarding the steps that should be taken.