Nov 4, 2013 | Child Custody


According to Joseph Cordell, founder of, there is a disparity between the child support enforcement and custody enforcement. Cordell argues this disparity tends to show the financial responsibilities of rearing a child is held in higher regard than the emotional connection of a child to a parent. Cordell does make a valid point that a disparity exists in the enforcement of child support orders verses the enforcement of child custody orders.

When child support is not being paid after a court order, there are many remedies available. In some cases the parent seeking child support does not even have to hire a private attorney as the attorney general of the state provides child support enforcement in some cases. The court has the power to suspend driver’s licenses, confiscate passports, repossess vehicles, put a lien on property, intercept tax returns, and even put the offending parent in jail.

On the other hand, when one parent ignores the court order regarding parenting time and keeps the children from the other parent there are far fewer remedies. That parent is left with the option of hiring a private attorney or representing himself in court. Some parents may try calling the police to have the order enforced but more often than not police will not help enforce visitation and treat it as a civil matter. Cordell contends the law is largely toothless when a parent is denied seeing their children.

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