Jul 9, 2013 | Child Abuse and Neglect

Exchanging children between parents can be one of the most stressful parts of co-parenting for numerous reasons. Many times victims of domestic abuse fear coming into contact with their ex as they exchange children for visitation purposes. Fortunately, places such as Children’s Safe Harbor, in Rockford, IL exist to provide a neutral place for families to use when exchanging children for parenting time or visitation. The mission of Children’s Safe Harbor “is to help facilitate a child’s need and right to share a relationship with both of his/her parents.”


Using Children’s Safe Harbor over other exchange sites has several benefits.

1. Children’s Safe Harbor works hard to ensure exchanges are safe and conflict free.

2. Children’s Safe Harbor’s exchange director can make the arrangements for the exchange when one parent is intimidated or frightened by the other parents. This means the parents do not have to communicate or have contact before, during, or after the parenting exchange times. This is particularly beneficial in order of protection cases.

3. Children are able to look forward to parenting exchange times without the stress of worrying what might happen.

Access to Services

To use Children’s Safe Harbor’s services parents must first obtain an order through the Circuit Court of Winnebago County. The types of cases where such an order may be granted include divorce, family, probate, and order of protection cases.

How You Can Help

Children’s Safe Harbor is funded by private donations and public funding. Public funding is provided through civil filing fees of the residents of Winnebago County.

During the month of July, you can help Children’s Safe Harbor by becoming a new fan of The Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler on facebook. For every new fan, The Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler will donate a dollar to Children’s Safe Harbor.

For more information on co-parenting and how to obtain a court order to use Children’s Safe Harbor’s services please feel free to contact The Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler in Rockford, IL at 815-981-4859 for a free consultation. Further information about Children’s Safe Harbor can be found by visiting their website at Please note, the above does not constitute legal advice. Please discuss your specific rights with an attorney in your own jurisdiction.