Mar 4, 2013 | Divorce


For some couples going through a divorce, the collaborative law process may be the most effective option. Collaborative divorce is a process involving both spouses their respective attorneys, and a team of several other specialists all working towards the same goal-to produce the most desirable outcome for both divorcing parties. Other specialists include divorce coaches, financial consultants, and child specialists. In opting for the collaborative divorce, there are several advantages to doing so:

Less expensive. One of the most obvious differences between a collaborative and traditional divorce is the significantly less amount of expensive court room time that collaborative law offers. Throughout the entire process, divorcing couples will attend a series of meetings outside the court room with their attorneys and any other specialists involved. In doing so, large fees associated with going to court will be avoided. Additionally, the compromise and sense of teamwork will foster an environment conducive to reaching the settlement most advantageous to both parties.

Less time. A divorce attorney practicing collaborative law operates very differently from one who is facilitating a traditional divorce. In collaborative law, the objective is to come to an agreement as quickly as possible, as a team. Attorneys representing clients involved in collaborative divorces are encouraged to avoid going forward with contested issues to prevent attorneys from dragging the process out longer than necessary. If either attorney chooses to go forward, he or she is then obligated to withdraw from the case. This is designed so eliminate the financial incentive for attorneys to carry on with a lengthy and expensive divorce process.

Less drama. The main objective behind collaborative law is exactly just that-to collaborate. The environment becomes less of a win-lose environment, and more of a mutual gain environment, with effects lasting well beyond the time of the divorce. Families seeking to end the marriage in the most civil manner possible will appreciate the advantages of a collaborative divorce, as the divorce proceedings tend to involve less drama and more mutual support.

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