Criminal Law

Rockford Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal offenses affect multiple aspects of an individual’s life. You cannot risk having a permanent mark on your record that could hurt your ability to get a certain job, live in a particular area or pursue a new career. If you are facing criminal charges, regardless of how serious, you need an aggressive lawyer on your side.

At Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler, P.C., we advocate for individuals and professionals who have been charged with crimes in Illinois. Attorney Brad Tengler knows the law and has been successful in handling complex criminal cases. He is particularly adept at representing clients with regard to domestic violence matters, as he is an experienced family law attorney as well.

Our team takes an aggressive approach to examining evidence and building a strong defense. We will look at all possible options and explain the specific legal issues in your case. Our primary goal is to get the charges dropped or reduced to the point where your future will not be drastically impacted.

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Our Rockford criminal defense lawyer handles a wide range of criminal cases, including:

  • DUI — Whether this is your first offense or you have a drunk driving charge on your record, you should make sure you have an experienced DUI defense attorney on your side. We know how to uncover weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, from whether there was probable cause to make the initial stop to how the field sobriety tests were conducted. We can also help you preserve or reinstate your driver’s license.
  • Drug crimes — Whether you have been accused of possession, sale or trafficking, make sure you have a strong defense. We aggressively defend clients in drug cases by scrutinizing every aspect of the charges.
  • Theft — Theft charges carry significant penalties. Returning the item or claiming an ownership interest in it is not a valid defense. Make sure you have a skilled attorney to defend you.
  • Shoplifting — The penalties for shoplifting in Illinois depend on the value of the merchandise involved. These charges are aggressively prosecuted so it is important to have a strong defense attorney on your side.
  • Vandalism — Depending on where the vandalism took place and the amount of damage involved, a criminal damage to property charge can be a misdemeanor or felony.
  • Underage drinking — Juvenile offenses such as underage drinking can have repercussions for years. Our attorneys fight to protect a young person’s future.
  • White collar crimes — We represent professionals accused of a wide variety of white collar offenses, including fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and identity theft.
  • Domestic battery — We understand how domestic battery and assault charges can impact individuals for years, so we work hard to provide a robust defense against allegations of abuse.
  • Violations of orders of protection — Illinois takes violations of orders of protection seriously. To avoid a conviction and serious penalties, make sure you have an attorney who is skilled at defending against these types of charges.
  • Traffic tickets and violations — Traffic tickets are worth fighting. Convictions for traffic-related offenses may impact not only the cost of your insurance, but also your driving privileges. Talk to us about building your defense against a traffic ticket. In addition to defending those charged with the crimes listed above, we handle a wide range of misdemeanor and felony cases throughout Illinois. Attorney Brad Tengler also represents clients in expungements and record sealing.


Protecting your rights is our No. 1 priority. You can count on the team at Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler, P.C. to stand up for your interests. Please contact us at 815-515-4168 to schedule a free initial consultation for most cases. Evening and weekend appointments are available. Located in Rockford, we accept cases throughout the surrounding areas of Illinois.