Oct 23, 2014 | Child Custody


Divorce and child custody matters can be very difficult for the parents involved. They are generally very emotional decisions as well. Due to the combination of the emotions and the complicated nature of the determination, many times a custody determination becomes quite contentious. Understanding the process and legal basis involved in custody determinations can be very beneficial.

Ultimately a custody determination is made after analyzing many different factors to determine what is in the best interests of the child. Some of these factors include the age of the child, which parent cares for the child most of the time, their adjustment to each parent’s home and many others. Also, either the parents or the courts must decide whether one parent will have sole custody or whether the parents will share joint custody of the child.

Leaving the custody decision up to the courts is not always the best idea though. So, to help aid parents in reaching an agreement, there are many tools available to help them out. These include mediation, classes and negotiations between the parents. Reaching an agreement can leave both parents in a better state as they start their new custody arrangement.

Custody determinations can be very complicated and each custody case is unique. Parents are not always able to reach an agreement even after utilizing mediation. If that is the case, then the parents will have to litigate the matter in court.

At our law office we understand the unique nature of each custody matter and look into every aspect of the case to ensure that our clients’ interests are being protected. We utilize mediation and other settlement options, but are prepared to fight for our clients in court as well. For more information about how we handle custody matters please visit our Rockford Child Custody Lawyer page.