Mar 7, 2014 | Divorce


Married couples in Illinois separate for various reasons. The dissolution rate in general has been on the rise for a while and it is basically just as common as staying together. These splits are taking place at various times in the relationship as well. Sometimes a couple parts ways within the first year of marriage and some last 30 years or more before getting a divorce. Whenever the divorce occurs, emotions can run high and people will need to deal with the legal side of the divorce.

While the divorce rate is growing in general, one demographic has seen a dramatic increase over the last 20 years. Couples over 50 are now divorcing twice as much as the demographic was in 1990. There are a few reasons for this drastic change, such as woman having more economic independence and people living longer.

Some confirm that after their children move out, they look at the fact that they are not in love anymore. They then realize that they may still have to spend 20 years with their spouse after the children move out. This could spark the desire to file for dissolution.

No matter what they reason for the divorce, emotions still are a big part of the end of a marriage. Some have started attending support groups to deal with the emotions whether its anger or grief or a combination of both.

Even though emotions are at a high level, people still need to divide their assets. These couples may not have to deal with child custody or child support, but they may still have a complicated divorce. Since they are older, generally they have more assets and more accumulated wealth.

These couples may need to use forensic accountants and property appraisers to determine the value of the assets before they can even begin to split them. If one or both of them own a business, they may also need to have a business valuation completed and divide that as well.

As more and more couples in Illinois get divorced after turning 50, the need for the support groups will increase as well as the need to value assets and divide them equably. Various professionals deal with and assist with divorces and asset division and may be a helpful resource as one goes through a divorce.

Source: NPR, “Older Americans’ breakups are causing ‘graying’ divorce trend” Ina Jaffe, Feb. 24, 2014