Jul 25, 2014 | Divorce


Over the years more and more people have decided to get divorced in Illinois. The divorce rate has increased significantly over the last 50 years and the process has now become quite common. Most states now have no-fault divorces, meaning that a person does not have to have a reason to get divorced beyond the fact that they no longer get along with each other. In fact, only one of the spouses can want the divorce in order for one to be granted. As divorce has become more common, the perception surrounding it has also changed.


Even 30 years ago people still viewed divorce as a bad thing. It was seen as a time of sadness and even devastation. However, that perception has changed fairly recently and people are now even celebrating the dissolution of their marriages with divorce parties. Party planners around the nation are scheduling more and more of these parties. They are generally joyous occasions celebrating the person’s future as opposed to dwelling on the perhaps less-than-stellar past they had during their marriage. Bakeries are also doing many more divorce cakes as well.

Though the perception around divorce may be changing, it does not mean that the divorce process itself is changing. A person going through a divorce still has to make decisions regarding child custody and child support, spousal maintenance and property division, including both assets and debts. These issues can either be agreed to by the parties or they can be decided for them by a judge.

The courts like couples to reach agreements on their own with regard to these various issues, though, so many times couples will go through mediation to help them resolve their differences. However, couples do not have an obligation to settle their divorce and, if need be, they can present their cases to a judge, who will then make a decision for them.

As more and more people in Illinois get divorced, one may see more and more divorce parties. However, before the party can take place, the couple will have to go through the divorce process. Understanding the legal factors that go into the various determinations in marriage dissolution can be important to ensure the right decisions are being made.


Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorce American style is changing” Martin Zabell, July 18, 2014