Sep 20, 2017 | Family Law

People in Illinois who work in industries that involve travel or nightlife might be more likely to get a divorce than those who work in professions with more stable hours. FlowingData recently presented information from the 2015 American Community survey indicating that scientists, actuaries, software developers and some medical professionals were the least likely people to get a divorce.

Divorce was much more likely for flight attendants, bartenders and casino workers. The data also showed a correlation between income and divorce. Other professions with a lower divorce rate were those that tended to be more popular in rural areas, such as fishing, forestry and farming.

In 2015, the average national divorce rate was about 35 percent of all marriages. However, some occupations had a divorce rate that was 50 percent or higher. The divorce rate in some fields, such as office and administrative support, also tended to cluster a little higher than the national average.

When couples separate, income may play a major role in how the divorce proceeds. For example, if the couple are high earners and have many assets, the process of property division could be complex. Another possibility is that one person was the main breadwinner while the other had a much lower income. In this case, the higher earner might be required to pay alimony for a certain period of time. The court system will also assist a person in collecting unpaid child or spousal support. Those who are going through a divorce could get valuable guidance from a lawyer.