Dec 26, 2014 | Child Support


For many couples in Illinois who are going through a divorce, one of the main concerns is the children. Divorce can be a difficult process on children and many parents want to make sure it is as easy as possible on the children. One of the aspects that is a major concern is the children’s financial needs. Parents generally want to ensure that a child’s standard of living stays basically the same as it was during the marriage.

The mechanism that is used to ensure this is child support. In Illinois child support guidelines are used to determine child support. The guidelines look at certain numerical figures such as each parent’s income and which parent pays for the children’s health insurance among other numbers. Child support is then determined based on the guidelines and the numbers used.

Though a fairly rigid process, there can be differences on which numbers should be used to determine child support. Sometimes these differences can become very complicated. Also, child custody can affect the child support payment based on how much time the child spends with each parent. So, even though establishing child support is a rigid system, it is not as easy as it may seem.

Also, child support orders may need to be modified during the life of the children. As parents know, the circumstances of parents may change over the years while the children are growing up. It is important to know when a modification is appropriate and how to ensure that the order is properly modified to reflect the parent’s current financial situation.

Each parent’s financial situation is different and therefore every child support matter is unique. At our firm we recognize this and analyze each case individually to ensure the best results for each client. For more information on how our firm can assist you through a child support matter please visit the Rockford Child Support Attorney page on our website.