Jan 5, 2014 | Divorce


In order for a couple to get a divorce in Illinois, the couple must have what is called grounds for divorce. In Illinois, establishing these grounds is not a difficult task. Illinois law provides eleven different grounds for divorce.

Of these grounds include impotence, adultery, abuse, felony convictions, and irreconcilable differences. Irreconcilable differences is the most common grounds for divorce. On the grounds of irreconcilable differences couples can divorce for virtually any reason. It is also important to note that a couple can get divorced when only one spouse desires the divorce. Consent of the other spouse is not required.

Additionally, Illinois is a “no-fault” state for divorce. This means that no matter whose fault the divorce was, the ultimate cause of divorce will most likely not affect the divorce in terms of distribution of assets, determining child support, and determining child custody arrangements. An exception to this rule would include divorce as a result of domestic violence or child abuse.

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