Jul 13, 2013 | Divorce


Illinois residents may be interested to learn that there may be a link between Facebook use and divorce rates. The Journal of Cyber-psychology, Behavior and Social Networking will soon publish a report that found excessive Facebook users were more likely to experience Facebook related conflicts with their significant others, which can lead to cheating, breakups and even divorce.

The study was conducted by a University of Missouri doctoral student. The research involved surveying 205 Facebook users between the ages of 18 and 82. The subjects were asked about whether Facebook had instigated conflict with current or former partners. Newer couples were the most likely to face Facebook induced conflicts. Conflicts often result from jealousy, due to monitoring of a partners Facebook account or reconnecting with past partners, which may result in emotional or physical cheating.

A couple who is thinking of divorce, whether because of Facebook or not, should be aware of what the divorce process involves. The divorce process will help a couple to determine who should get what property. The court will divide marital property in a way that is equitable and fair. Property that was acquired prior to marriage, as a gift or inheritance is usually not divided. The court may also determine that there is a need for one party to make spousal support payments to the other party.

If a divorcing couple has children a divorce will also determine child custody and child support obligations. Courts will determine child custody based on what is in the best interest of the child. Child support payment obligations will depend on the custody arrangement.


Source: The Huffington Post, “Facebook, Divorce Linked In New Study,” June 6, 2013.