Jul 24, 2013 | Child Support


Illinois residents paying child support may wonder how the child support amount they are paying has been determined. Child support amounts are based on the financial needs of the child, the income of the parent with custody of the child, the ability of the paying parent to pay and the standard of living the child is accustomed to.

Many parents who are paying child support may feel that they are paying too much, but they may want to consider the purpose of child support. Support is defined as “to hold up, bear, carry, sustain or maintain.” Providing for a child’s material needs should be a top priority for all parents. There seems to be a correlation between a parent’s commitment in providing monetary support for their child and their involvement in the child’s life overall.

When a child’s materially needs are met they benefit financially and feel more secure emotionally overall. Lack of monetary support for children often has little to do with the child’s interests, but is instead of power play between parents who do not get along. In these types of situations it is the relationship between parent and child that suffers the most.

While it is important that children receive the support they need, there are certain circumstances when a paying parent simply cannot meet their child support obligations. In these instances the parent may seek a modification of their child support obligation. A modification may be granted if the parent loses their job or incurs a disability or illness. A modification may be agreed upon between the parents, but it will need to be approved by a judge before it becomes effective.


Source: The Jewish Press, “Child Support- Dollars And Sense,” Yehudit Levinson, July 18, 2013