Apr 23, 2014 | Child Support


There are many people in Illinois who have children with an ex-spouse or a person to whom they were not married. In these situations, generally one parent is required to pay child support to the other parent, mandated by a court order. These child support orders are based on a parent’s obligation and ability to pay for their child’s financial needs. Even those who do not agree with the amount of the child support they are ordered to owe each month pay it understanding the importance of providing for their children. However, there are some who do not pay child support at all, no matter the circumstances.

One man who has failed to comply with his child support obligation was recently arrested and put in jail. This was not the man’s first arrest for failing to pay child support though. It was actually the 12th time. Over the years of not paying child support, the man has accrued arrears of over $100,000. Past judges have tried various ways of making the man pay, but he has owed over $100,000 for quite some time now.

There are a variety of reasons people do not pay child support. They are not all like the man above who just refuses to pay. Some have lost jobs or have been forced to deal with a costly medical condition and are no longer able to pay. People in these situations may want to seek a modification of their current child support order. If there has been a substantial change in the circumstances, a modification may be granted.

If an individual does not modify the order, he or she may face penalties similar to the man mentioned above. The person could be arrested and charged with a crime and may also face fines on top of what they still owe. Until an order is modified, an owing parent is required to pay the originally ordered amount.

There are many in Illinois who are no longer be able to pay their child support obligation. Modifying their child support order may be beneficial, and may help them avoid harsh penalties. There are legal requirements that a person must meet before being able to modify an order, and it is important to understand those requirements. Speaking with a Rockford family law attorney may be the best way to learn of these requirements and find a strong legal ally.


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