Jul 18, 2019 | Family Law


The drug problem in America is real and it affects many people and families. Substance abuse issues can come in many forms, involving both street drugs and prescription pills, and can have lasting impacts on a person’s health and their family dynamic. Sadly, sometimes parents can be unfit to care for their children if they are suffering under the weight of drug addiction. Loved ones, like grandparents, may wonder if there is something they can do to help their grandchildren.

The truth is that adoption or short-term child custody or guardianship can be a means of finding a resolution for the child. If a parent isn’t taking care of the child like they should, or is unable to make decisions for the child, someone would need to step in. At our law firm, we know how critical a moment this may be for your family. We work to seek answers and solutions to this tough and fairly common issue.

Dealing with a substance abuse issue has many layers. When addiction takes hold of a person, it can cause every aspect of their life to suffer. When it comes to a child, they should never suffer or be in an unsafe or unhealthy living situation. To seek family law solutions, like guardianship or to full-out adopt the child, could be options for some grandparents.

Being a child’s legal guardian comes with many responsibilities. However, it would grant the guardian the ability to make those decisions for the child and to care for the child in the way that they need. This is what’s most important. There may come a day when the child’s parent can safely re-enter the picture in terms of parenting and child-rearing.