Father with history of domestic violence kidnaps children

Aug 22, 2014 | Domestic Violence

Unfortunately many people in Illinois are personally familiar with domestic violence. Many people are either the victim of domestic abuse or they may have a relative or friend who has been the victim of domestic abuse. They have either experienced or witnessed the devastation that domestic violence can cause. It can have effect on not only the direct victim, but to the entire family, especially if the couple has children together.

One father in Illinois, who is no stranger to domestic violence, was recently arrested after kidnapping his children. The father is currently on parole after serving jail sentences for felony domestic battery charges and aggravated battery charges. There were also two warrants out for him at the time of his arrest, both of which included domestic battery charges, among many others. Luckily the children were unharmed and found shortly after the father kidnapped them. A relative brought the children to the Department of Children and Family Services building in their town.

Domestic violence can be very devastating and dangerous for the whole family and often times there are repeat occurrences of domestic violence with the same victim. Due to that fact, there are ways that victims of domestic violence can try and protect themselves from future incidents of abuse. The victim can attempt to obtain an order of protection, which would prohibit the abuser from contacting the victim in any way and prohibit them from coming within a certain distance of the victim.

There are three different types of orders of protection in Illinois. One is designed for emergency protection, one is for short-term protection and the third one is designed for long-term protection, if it is needed.

Many people are victims of domestic abuse each year in Illinois. To help prevent future incidents of abuse, the victim may be able to obtain an order of protection to prevent the abuser from contacting them. Attorneys understand what is needed to obtain these orders and may be helpful resources for people in need of them.

Source: Lake County News-Sun, “Father in custody after taking children, prompting AMBER alert,” August 15, 2014