Fathers Pursuing Custody of their Children: Fighting the Statistic

Dec 1, 2012 | Fathers' Rights

On behalf of Law Office of Bradley R. Tengler, P.C. posted in Fathers’ Rights on Saturday, December 1, 2012.

It is often said that women have a greater chance of being granted custody of their children than do men. Statistically speaking, this is true. However, with the right legal assistance, this statistic can be overcome. It is important to know that the courts will always rule on what is in the best interest of the child, regardless of the gender of the custodial parent.  With an experienced child custody lawyer and a strong case, it is very feasible for a father to win custody. The following are a few tips for fathers pursuing custody of their children.

Take into account the age of your child. Because the courts make their decision regarding custody based on the best interest of the child, they will take the age of the child into account. If a mother is breast-feeding and not working and the father is fully employed, it is unlikely that the court will award him custody. Even if he is the world’s best dad, he doesn’t have the time and the infant is physically dependant on the mother.

Scaffold your case. Even if the child is an infant, the father should make sure he gets as much time as possible with his child and have it entered into an order. When the opportunity arises to have more time, he should get more time. A court will be much more convinced that a father is serious about custody if he has the child 3 days a week, then if he only is seeing the child two weekends out of the month.

Document everything. A father wanting custody should keep a calendar and a journal and note everything that happens with the child. How much time is the child spending with dad? How much with mom? While mom technically has custody, is she constantly giving time away to the father? A court wants to know this information and a father needs to be prepared with it.

Be patient. The battle for custody can last quite a while, even with the best legal representation. In pursuing custody of your child, it is important to be realistic. Making unreasonable demands or expecting things to happen in an unreasonable amount of time will only add extra stress to your case, which will not contribute to a desirable outcome.

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