Jan 24, 2015 | Family Law

There are many adoptions in Illinois every year. It can be a very joyous time for both the family adopting the child and the child who is being adopted. It allows people who may not be able to have a child otherwise to start a family and allows a child to be a part of a loving family. Adoptions do not happen overnight though. In order to adopt a child there is a legal family law process that must be followed and it can take some time to complete.

The first thing that must occur is that the adoptive parents must file a petition in court. The petition must be filed within 30 days of the child becoming available for adoption; unless the prospective parents can demonstrate there was good cause as to why they did not file the petition within 30 days.

The petition must be completed properly and include various information. This information includes the full name of the petitioners, their residence and how long they have lived in Illinois, when they expect to have the child in their custody and the agency they are using, the relationship of the adoptive child and the prospective parents, the names and addresses of the birth parents of the child or the guardian, if known, and other relevant information. After the petition has been filed, additional information may be needed by the Clerk of Court and that information will need to be provided as requested.

There are many families seeking to adopt children and many children seeking an adoptive home in Illinois. The petition requires a lot of information and can be complicated, but it can definitely be worth it after the child is finally adopted into the family. Experienced attorneys understand the adoption process and may be a useful resource as one goes through the adoption process.

Source: Illinois General Assembly, “750 ILCS 50/5,” accessed on January 19, 2015