May 2, 2018 | Family Law

A previous post here reviewed the different types of orders of protection that are available to residents of Rockford, Illinois, who are victims of domestic abuse or other forms of violence. In part because they are oftentimes matters of “he said, she said,” orders for protection cases can be challenging legal matters that present special problems. This is one reason our office emphasizes giving our clients individualized attention and making sure that they understand their options and possible outcomes. We also work hard to be sure our clients have their questions answered.

Our office has years of experience representing clients in cases involving orders for protection, and so we have a good idea of what strategies the other side in a case will deploy. We also know the law and will use that knowledge to help our clients get the best possible result in their cases, whether they are seeking an order of protection or are trying to avoid having one issued since the accusations of domestic violence are not founded.

In addition to helping clients obtain or fight orders of protection, our office is also available to help when a person gets accused in criminal court of violating an order of protection. Such an accusation can lead to serious consequences even for a first offense, and it can mean a felony conviction if it is a repeat offense.

While sometimes our representation will involve negotiating with the local prosecutor to get a reasonable resolution, on other occasions we work to prove our client’s innocence by showing that the accuser is either not telling the truth or is, at best, exaggerating the circumstances.