Mar 6, 2017 | Child Custody


Divorce is never easy for Illinois couples. It may be even more difficult for parents who are ending their marriage. It is critical that parents make sure that their divorce puts a focus on the needs of their children as much as it focuses on their own needs. Most importantly, children need and want to hear that they are cared for and loved.

Estranged parents are encouraged to never say anything bad about each other in front of the kids. If a child says that he or she had a good time with the other parent, the news should be met with a smile or some other positive reaction. When it comes time to start divorce negotiations, it may be best to do so in a collaborative environment. This decreases the odds that parents see each other as adversaries.

It may also help model positive behavior for their children by working together to resolve the issue. Going through a collaborative divorce process may also cost less money, which may then be used to fund a child’s college fund or put to other better uses. If a child has a negative reaction to the divorce, it may be a good idea to find a therapist that he or she can talk with in a neutral and confidential setting.

Working with the other parent may help an individual preserve a positive relationship with children he or she has from the marriage. It may also help to make the divorce process itself less stressful and more effective for both sides. This may result in an individual receiving the financial support to raise the child or maintain a minimum standard of living immediately after the marriage is officially dissolved.