Feb 28, 2019 | Divorce


Previous posts on this blog have talked about how Rockford, Illinois, residents can benefit from having prenuptial agreements. One of these posts described how Illinois has certain minimum requirements that people must follow if they wish to create an enforceable prenuptial agreement, that is, one which ultimately will be upheld by a court in the event of a divorce or, for that matter, even a probate contest.

Of course, our law office makes every effort to attend to the details of the prenuptial agreements that we create so they will be enforceable in court, as that is what our clients expect. Moreover, we do a thorough review of our client’s financial situation to make sure that the other party who will sign the agreement gets a full and fair financial disclosure, as this is also required for an agreement to be enforceable.

However, creating an agreement that legally works as it should work is only one step in a complicated process. Our office also will assist with drafting an agreement that is clear and that is tailored to one’s actual financial and personal situation. This requires us to have not only a detailed knowledge of this area of the law but also a good understanding of our client’s needs. Good communication in this respect is essential.

Finally, it may be that the terms of a prenuptial agreement require some negotiation, as even two people who care for each other very much will not agree on everything about their lives together. We will represent our client in these negotiations diligently, while being mindful of the nature of our client’s relationship with the other party.

Prenuptial agreements do protect people from adverse or unexpected consequences in a divorce, but they also are very helpful even to happily married couples, especially if either has children from a prior relationship. We help our clients make sure that their prenuptial agreements will serve their needs.