Apr 17, 2014 | Family Law


There are many couples in Illinois who want children but are unable to have any of their own. Many of these couples have tried different methods but even those have proved unsuccessful. This can be very frustrating for the families and some will turn to adoption in order to have a child. There are many different adoption agencies and ways to adopt children, but generally adoption is not a cheap or easy process.

One Illinois couple who was unable to have children of their own wanted to adopt a child. However, the traditional ways of adopting a child were too expensive, so they turned to Craigslist. They were able to find a mother who was willing to give them her child after it was born. The supposed mother sent pictures of herself pregnant over the months and called them saying she was in labor and about to have a C-section. She even played a recording of a baby crying afterwards.

The supposed mother sent pictures of the baby to them, but the couple realized that the pictures were of different babies. Soon, they found out that the woman was never pregnant at all and had fooled them the entire time, leaving them devastated. They also found out they were not the first couple she had done this to.

While most adoption processes are better than the very unfortunate situation for the couple above, they are still long, complicated processes. Adoption is a unique area of family law that involves filling out a lot of legal documents and requires approval by a judge. There are various types of adoptions, such as agency adoptions, step-parent adoptions, adult adoptions and others. Each has its own legal nuances that must be followed before it can take place.

Each year many people in Illinois go through the adoption process. For most, the reward of adopting a child is well worth the hassle of the adoption process. However, it is a complicated process and people should have a good grasp of the particulars of the specific kind of adoption they want.

Source: Mail Online, “‘We will never forgive her’: Couple desperate to adopt are left heartbroken after being duped for months by woman who rang them when she was in ‘labor’ and sent them pictures of their ‘baby’ – but made it all up,” Daniel Miller, April 11, 2014