Mar 12, 2014 | Family Law


There are many people in Illinois who would like to adopt children. There are many different reasons people want to adopt, like being unable to have children of their own, they are a same-sex couple, the child is a stepchild they want as their own and many others. Many of these people are either seeking to start a family or build upon an existing family. However, for as many people as there are in Illinois wanting to adopt children, there are just as many or more children seeking adoptive parents.

The Illinois Department of Child and Family Services is currently recruiting people to adopt children who are in foster care. Many of these children find themselves in foster care because of their parent’s drug addictions and subsequent neglect or abuse. People who have adopted these children in the past say that being adopted has a huge impact on a child’s life. While in foster care they never know how long they will be there and if they will be wanted in the home. Being adopted puts stability in their life and lets them know that they are wanted, which is very beneficial psychologically.

Adoption is a unique area of family law. Adoptions can be a complicated and detailed matter, but generally people are much happier during the process than in other areas of family law, such a divorce or child custody disputes, for obvious reasons

In Illinois there are private adoptions, stepparent adoptions or even adult adoptions. Each type has different aspects and each have its own type of complications that can arise. However, despite the detailed nature of adoption, the results are generally worth it.

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