Aug 24, 2020 | Child Support

There are many parents in Illinois who have children with a person from whom they are divorced or were never married to in the first place. In these situations child support becomes an issue. It is in the best interest of the child to have parents paying child support to ensure that their financial needs are being met. When child support is not being paid it is the child who often suffers the most.

Child support in Illinois is determined by using the child support guidelines, which were previously discussed on our blog. These guidelines can be complicated and there are many variables. However, ultimately based on the values assigned to a formula, the amount of child support can be estimated.

For many people determining the amount of child support is not the most difficult part of the process. Either making or receiving payments can be the real challenge. Circumstances change throughout the life of a child. Sometimes people just decide to stop paying because they do not think it is fair or they are mad at the other parent and a child support dispute ensues. Other times the parent paying loses a job or has their own medical needs to contend with, which makes it impossible for them to keep making the current payments.

People may need to seek help to enforce a current order or modify the current order when circumstances change. These types of matters are very particular to the circumstances of each person’s life though and no two parent’s lives are exactly the same.

Due to that fact, our firm takes a unique approach to each client’s case to ensure that their needs are being met. Our firm has handled many child support cases in all aspects, whether it is establishing, enforcing or modifying child support obligations. Please visit our Rockford Child Support Attorney page for more information on how our firm can assist you.