May 31, 2019 | Family Law


Many sources agree that Millennials are changing the landscape of marriage and family law in many different and profound ways.

While this may mean that the legal services younger Rockford, Illinois, resident may require will continue to change as time goes on, there will in the final analysis be an ongoing need for people in the next generation to consult with attorneys skilled in family law.

For instance, while Millennials who do marry are much less likely to divorce, fewer and fewer are getting married early in life, assuming that they choose to marry at all.

On the other hand, more and more Millennials are willing to live together with a significant other and even raise children together either prior to a planned marriage or even without any plans to marry each other at all. In some cases, Millennial couples will even buy a home together or start a business.

When people in Generation Y do decide to marry, they tend to take steps to minimize the financial impact that could come with a divorce. Specifically, many of them sign prenuptial agreements that are designed to spell out what property they will be able to keep in the event that their marriage ends in a divorce or separation.

What this means for the practice of family law is that there will be less of an emphasis on divorce and legal separation. For those divorces and separations that do happen, many may be relatively straightforward because of the existence of a prenuptial agreement.

On the other hand, more married couples who run in to relationship difficulties may need the services of a family lawyer to help them untangle their property and finances. Custody and support issues may also be the source of a legal dispute.