Dec 17, 2012 | Divorce


According to a recent study, women are at great risk of losing health insurance as a result of divorce. The study found that 115,000 women in the United States lose health insurance each year because of divorce. Many might think that women can just purchase new health insurance on their own through COBRA or buying private insurance. Unfortunately these plans tend to be very expensive, and women might have a difficult time paying for them. Even women who make well above the poverty level and are considered middle-income might have difficulty making payments.

Insurance is a necessity. When a person doesn’t have insurance, they often won’t go in for preventive checkups and they could be financially ruined after an emergency room visit. Insurance generally covers a large portion of visits to the doctor or hospital, but without insurance, women might be stuck with a bill for thousands of dollars.

An experienced divorce attorney can help negotiate a settlement or make sure any divorce decree provides enough financial protect for a person to maintain their lifestyle. Many times insurance coverage can be worked out in some way through a divorce agreement.

Women need to protect themselves during a divorce. It is important for a person to analyze their options for insurance before filing for divorce. That way, if their coverage will be terminated or not sufficient after the divorce, they can hopefully work an agreement into their decree.


Source: American Medical News, “Divorce raises risk women will be left without health coverage,” Karen Caffarini, Dec. 11, 2012

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