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Negotiations and divorce settlement agreements

Some Illinois couples whose marriages are ending might want to negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement instead of going to court and having a judge rule on the issues. However, they may want to get a good understanding of their financial and legal situations before doing do.

Shared parenting becoming more common

Illinois parents are developing new ways to raise their children after a divorce. In the past, it was common for fathers to see their children on weekends or other designated times. Today, it is more common for parents to work together to raise their children like they did when they were married. More than 20 states are considering legislation that would require parents take this collaborative approach.

Reasons for getting divorced in January

In Illinois and elsewhere throughout the country, many people file for divorce during the month of January. March and August are also common months for couples to get divorced, according to research from the University of Washington. The reason why January is a common month for divorce is that many people prefer to not get divorced during the holiday season. This may be especially true for parents with young children.

Divorce in Illinois

Divorce can be a stressful and emotional experience; the loss of companionship and fighting between former partners are some of the more obvious effects. One aspect of divorce that many people may not see coming is the effect on one's credit.

Tips for making divorce preparations

For some people in Illinois, the new year or a return from summer vacation may make them realize it is time to get a divorce. Whether or not a person has made a final decision, there are several ways to prepare for divorce.

How bitcoin might be divided in a divorce

When Illinois couples get a divorce, they may need to divide property such as retirement accounts, art collections, and a home. One of them might also have a bitcoin account. This cryptocurrency used to be little-known and not worth much, but as its value increases, it might start to have an effect in these situations.

Divorce can cause extended families to grow

The large number of divorced families in Illinois means that the definition of family has branched out in several directions, and the size of American families has also grown as well. Research has found that divorce has made American families significantly larger as stepparents, stepchildren and half-siblings enter a family after divorce.

Social Security payments and an ex-spouse's earnings

Illinois residents who get a divorce might be able to get Social Security payments based on the earnings history of an ex-spouse once they reach the age of 62. The divorce must happen after at least 10 years of marriage, and there must have been some income disparity between the two. The payments cannot begin until at least two years after the divorce.

Dealing with the holidays when parents are divorcing

The holidays can be a stressful time for people in Illinois, and they can be even more stressful for those who are going through separations or divorces. Divorcing parents should keep in mind that their children may also experience stress during the holidays.

Dealing with kids and the holidays during a divorce

While some Illinois parents try to hold off getting divorced until after the holidays, others feel that there is no point in delaying the inevitable. For the kids involved in such situations, the results can be dramatic and even cause them to detest the most "wonderful" time of the year.

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