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Unmarried couples, cohabitation and family law issues

Many couples today have made the choice to opt out of marriage. They still function like a married couple in many ways, but have never signed an official marriage document. This is a personal decision, and no doubt many of the couples involved have their reasons. However, it's important to remember that there are legal protections that come only with marriage.

Family law issues may come up with parent substance abuse issues

The drug problem in America is real and it affects many people and families. Substance abuse issues can come in many forms, involving both street drugs and prescription pills, and can have lasting impacts on a person's health and their family dynamic. Sadly, sometimes parents can be unfit to care for their children if they are suffering under the weight of drug addiction. Loved ones, like grandparents, may wonder if there is something they can do to help their grandchildren.

How do you approach property division in a divorce case?

Our readers in Illinois know that, in a divorce case, they will need to address quite a few issues that can become contentious. Of all the issues involved in a divorce case, the one that will likely have the greatest impact on your financial situation for years to come is the property division process. So, how do Illinois residents approach this delicate issue in their own divorce cases?

Many Illinois children being raised by grandparents

As is the case throughout the country, many children both in the Rockford area are being cared for and raised by their grandparents. Grandparents in this state frequently are willing to step in and provide for their grandchildren when the child's parents are either unwilling or unable to do so, such as in the case where parents have drug or alcohol issues.

Review of Illinois' grandparent visitation laws

There are many children in Rockford, Illinois, who enjoy a healthy relationship with their grandparents. While in most cases the child's parent or parents will encourage this relationship, in some cases a parent will not want the child's grandparents, or certain other relatives for that matter, to have ongoing visits with the child.

The rights and responsibilities of a guardian in Illinois

As previous posts here have explained, relatives and friends of minor children in Rockford, Illinois, may find that they need some legal authority to care for the children. For instance, they may have stepped in because the child's parent has health or other issues that make it hard or even impossible for the parent to care for the children.

The number of unmarried couples continues to rise

It might not come as a huge surprise to Rockford, Illinois, residents, but statistics do confirm that the number of unmarried couples who are living together continues to rise across the country. According to the Pew Research Center, while the number of people getting married is trending downward, more people are instead choosing to cohabitate while foregoing marriage.

How capital gains tax plays in to home equity

A previous post on this blog talked about how couples who are splitting, either in a divorce or even after a long-term relationship, must wrangle with property division. During this process, among other decisions, splitting couples must choose how to divide equity in a home that they own or that is legally marital property.

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