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Sandra Bullock adopts her second foster child

Many fans in Illinois of the actress Sandra Bullock may have learned that she recently adopted a three-year-old daughter. The child was in the foster care system in Louisiana prior to the adoption. Bullock stated that she knew her daughter would be scared and it was important for her to know that she was not going to leave her. Bullock also expressed a desire to shed light on the importance of adopting foster children.

Required investigation prior to adoption in Illinois

There are many children in Illinois in need of a good home and there are many families who want to have families. In other circumstances a child's biological parent is no longer capable of caring for their child and another family member decides to care for them instead. In both types of situations, adoption is a very good way to accomplish this goal. Adoption grants the new parents the legal parenting rights of child and officially makes the child a part of the family.

Filing an adoption petition in Illinois for an unrelated child

There are many adoptions in Illinois every year. It can be a very joyous time for both the family adopting the child and the child who is being adopted. It allows people who may not be able to have a child otherwise to start a family and allows a child to be a part of a loving family. Adoptions do not happen overnight though. In order to adopt a child there is a legal family law process that must be followed and it can take some time to complete.

Illinois safe haven law creates adoption opportunities

Many families in Illinois would love to have children, but are unable to for one reason or another. There are options available for these families and many of them will turn to adoption in order to have children. There are also many women in Illinois who have children before they are ready to be mothers or who know they will not be able to properly care for their children. As a result, adoption entails family legal issues for both adoptive parents as well as for biological parents.

What factors are considered in selecting an adoptive family?

There are many children in Illinois who are currently in foster care with no permanent home. There are also many other families who are seeking to adopt a child. Despite this, the adoption process is not that simple. Adoption of a child in foster care is generally beneficial for the child. However, the state wants to ensure that the best interests of the child are being met when they are adopted by a family.

Adopted child flourishes with new family

Many families in Illinois adopt children for various reasons. Adoption is a unique area of family law that can allow children to become a part of a loving family. Many times, families adopt children who are given up for adoption by the birth parent. Other times, the children are taken away from the biological parents by the state, if the parents are no longer capable of caring for the child. In either instance, it can give the child a chance at being a part of a stable and loving family.

Foster kids finally adopted by same-sex couple

There are many couples in Illinois who are not able to have children of their own. Some are physically unable for various reasons, others are same-sex couples and some families really want to help children in need. Others adopt children because they are concerned with another family member's care of the child, or they marry the child's parent. Whatever the reason, adoption is an area of family law that tends to be more of a joyous time as opposed to the battles that take place in other areas of family law, such as divorces and custody disputes.

Do I need a lawyer to legally change my or my kid's name in Illinois?

Illinois law allows for a person to legally change his or her name either with or without the legal assistance of an attorney. For the woman who has successfully obtained a divorce, hanging on to the last name of an ex-spouse can be an unnecessary reminder of a stage in life she is trying to forget. Many times a woman will choose to drop the last name of her ex-spouse and resume her maiden name. Another common situation involving a legal name change would include a situation in which a parent desires to change the last name of her child to the last name of her new spouse in the event that the step-parent legally adopts the child. Fortunately, the process by which one can change his or her name in the State of Illinois is relatively simple. The following steps must be followed in order for one to legally change his or her name:

Illinois family wanting to adopt duped by supposed mother

There are many couples in Illinois who want children but are unable to have any of their own. Many of these couples have tried different methods but even those have proved unsuccessful. This can be very frustrating for the families and some will turn to adoption in order to have a child. There are many different adoption agencies and ways to adopt children, but generally adoption is not a cheap or easy process.

Illinois foster children in need of adoptive parents

There are many people in Illinois who would like to adopt children. There are many different reasons people want to adopt, like being unable to have children of their own, they are a same-sex couple, the child is a stepchild they want as their own and many others. Many of these people are either seeking to start a family or build upon an existing family. However, for as many people as there are in Illinois wanting to adopt children, there are just as many or more children seeking adoptive parents.

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