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I thought I was married...until I filed for divorce: What are my rights as a Putative Spouse?

With the ease of access to legal records and official documents provided by the technological advances of this age, it is hard to imagine that one would ever have a need to question the validity of his or her marriage when filing for a divorce. However, it happens. Such a situation involving an invalid marriage is known in Illinois as a "putative marriage."

Fathers rights in adoption proceedings in Illinois

It's no secret that children are often conceived by accident, outside of wedlock, and parents sometimes consider alternative choices such as adoption or abortion. What often happens is that the mother makes the executive decision of whether or not the keep and raise the baby. Fathers sometimes have little say in the matter. However, according to Illinois law, fathers do have a say. So what steps can a father take to prevent the mother of his child from giving the child up for adoption?

What happens to my pet when I get a divorce?

Couples going through a divorce will usually need to come to an agreement on how to divide property, time with children, etc. One issue that is seldom discussed is who gets to keep the pets. For many people, attachment to their furry friends is an emotional attachment. However, the courts typically view ownership of pets in the same light as any other property. This means that judges will not usually order a visitation schedule.

Too Scared to Get Divorced? You Are Not Alone!

Lack of courage to divorce is the number one reason unhappy married couples stay together, according to a recent study done by a United Kingdom law firm. The study surveyed 2,000 married people and found the top ten reasons unhappy couples stay married are:

Cherokee Custody Battle Involves 3 Different Courts

Over the past few months, the custody battle over Baby Veronica has captured the nation's attention in the news. Veronica, was raised for the first two years of her life by Matt and Melanie Capobianco. When the Capobianco's tried to adopt Veronica, biological father, Dusten Brown, intervened. The custody of Veronica is now being disputed in the South Carolina courts, the Oklahoma courts, and the Cherokee Nation Tribal Court.

Safe Haven in Winnebago County to open soon: Free supervised visitation for parents who are victims of domestic violence

In some child custody cases, visitation with a parent is required to be supervised. Supervised visitation requires that a third party be present during a parent's time with his/her children. This extra supervision may be ordered when unsupervised contact would seriously endanger the mental or physical well-being of the child. Another instance where supervision may be required is when the visiting parent has had little or no previous contact with the child. In both situations, the key reason for the supervision is to provide safe contact between the parent and the child.

Hollingsworth v. Perry: Making Illinois one step closer to legalizing gay marriage?

The issue of gay marriage, an increasingly controversial topic, has become an even hotter topic in recent news. Recent Supreme Court decisions have made provisions for gay couples to be recognized as married in California, making them as equal in status as heterosexual couples. Supporters for gay marriage believe that marriage is a civil right for all, whereas those opposed believe marriage is between a man and a woman. In Illinois, the state legislature has still not passed a bill that would legalize gay marriage, though civil unions are legal. However, civil unions and marriage are two different things.

Dealing with DCFS: What to expect at a shelter care hearing

If you have been reported to DCFS for the abuse or neglect of your child, you will most likely be facing a lengthy series of court hearings. The very first hearing you will be required to attend, after a DCFS investigator has determined who will be granted temporary protective custody, is called a shelter care hearing. A shelter care hearing is an emergency hearing at which a judge will determine whether allowing the child to remain at home will present a danger to the child, and whether or not DCFS should take protective custody for an extended amount of time. The following describe what you should expect at a shelter care hearing.

Pros and cons of hiring a divorce attorney: issues to consider when debating whether to go pro se

While hiring an attorney to handle your divorce is not legally required, it often is beneficial. Many who do not hire a divorce attorney (commonly referred to as going "pro se"), feel that it is economically the best decision. As you weigh the costs and benefits of using an attorney's services versus going pro se, it is in your best interest to be informed of the implications of both sides. The following describe a few pros and cons of hiring a divorce attorney.

Stepparent adoption: sometimes the best interest of your children

While the relationship between a child and his or her biological parents is invaluable, there are unfortunate situations where such a relationship may not always be in the best interest of the child. In the event of a delinquent, uninvolved, or unfit parent, it is possible for a biological parent's rights to be terminated, and parental rights to be awarded to a stepparent. The willingness of a stepparent to fulfill the role of a legal parent is an honorable quality, and stepparent adoption may be in the best interest of your child, but before the new spouse can legally adopt him/her, a few legal requirements must be met.

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